About Us

True Outreach Incorporated strives to provide individualized services to the individual and we utilize a person-centered approach to a societal problems. True Outreach recognizes the importance of specifically developing a treatment plan with the individual, therefore the individual feels as if their goals are “tailored” for him/her. This is to provide a sense of importance and individuality for the individual, so that he/she does not feel as if they’re “lost in the shuffle” with their service provider. True Outreach is committed to providing exceptional services via evidence based approaches to care for individuals and families needs. It is our goal to develop a feasible solution that may ease the difficulties that may arise during the delivery of services. Our mission is to assist individuals and families when they need someone in the field to guide them through their journey with most substance/ drug-related legal issues, DOT/SAP issues, DWI charges or convictions, Driving While License Revoked, DMV Hearing Evaluations, drug and/or alcohol addiction, as well as in association with a mental health diagnosis, and any other self defeating behaviors or tendencies. We aim to provide quality and professional services in a supportive environment. To be the preferred substance abuse and behavioral health care provider by providing high quality services with integrity and compassion for individual served.